What Do You See When You Look Inside Yourself? Your inner world is an endless field of hidden emotions, thoughts, achievements, feelings, fantasies … And for how long did you try to hide your inner self, your identity from others? Forgetting that all this doesn’t belong only to yourself. Let’s try again. Look in the mirror and try to see yourself. Dig deeper. Catch your old memories, immerse yourself in the first failures and victories, revive the first kiss and let yourself fall again into your first passion! You just entered your KOSMOS. KOSMOS is much more higher than a basic need for food. It doesn’t have anything to do with the constantly changing values of society or some fictitious human limits. As we move back and forth naturally, between the finite and infinite – the Kosmos explains any phenomena more easily, without distorting the real value of a moment. A significant moment that can pass for tens, or even thousands of years.  Traveling in KOSMOS, we are gifted with the experience of those who were here before us. But our responsibility is to bring here something invaluable, something new, as we absorb and emit the light of the stars daily. And maybe Kosmos is a sensory perceptions of your own mind, where you can harmonize and liberate the energy within yourself, and also find the ones who are meant to become your new Kosmos.